To our G.O.O.D. CO-OP Humanitarian Angels, thanks for all the many pictures and letters we received. Sorry, we are unable to place them all on our web-site. Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

We would also, like to mention that no one has been paid for these testimonials.

My name is Bryan; in 1989 I started a Bookkeeping and Accounting firm.

Dr. Pamela referred me to THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP in 1990. I attended the "Get out of Debt in 3 to 5 years" presentation and asked if my company could share these ideas for our customers. I also wanted provide additional Income Streams and Benefits. The most important part of the CO-OP is the Tax-Free CASH deposited on my PayPal Card.

I thought it was refreshing to meet such an involved and conscientious person who would take the time to come up with such a common-sense and workable program to drastically reduce members debts. We as citizens had to suffer as a consequence of doing business in today’s economy---but not anymore!

Sincerely yours,

St. Louis, Missouri
Russ & Kristi
Dear Pamela,

We have been very satisfied customers since 1990! Thank you, G.O.O.D. CO-OP! We have been relieved of so much debt, we can now relax and enjoy life.

Since you added the Tax-Free Grants, we decided to give it a try and refer others. We like the idea of the presentations being on-line and presented for us. It is a relief not having to work the old fashioned way.

My goal is to tell my boss good bye!

We look forward to the same great service and fun in the next ten years.


Russ and Kristi

Cherry and Kids

Update 2010... All Grown UP!
Dear Mom;

I am writing this letter to say "Thank You," for sharing THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP with me. In 1990, I became one of your first Team Angels to see the value of this program and I jumped on the bandwagon.

My goal this year is to share this program with as many people as possible. I feel it is a shame to know about something this good and then not share it with others. In the past, when I shared the program people called me and said; "I was their HERO". I am so glad I have the Monthly Grant MONEY deposite on my MasterCard. It is nice to use it for every day expenses and the best part I do not have to pay back the money.


Cherry, Vinnie, Samantha, Billie and Talia (Twins)... Texas


As you are aware, I have been a VIP Life-Time Angel of THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP since 1995. I would like to take a moment and talk to your Angels, both present and future about what I believe to be one of the most important benefit's of THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP; the Monthly Residual CASH Grants. Thank you for finding a way to increase my income now, but will continue to be there after I am no longer active in the insurance business, for money is money and when you retire every dollar counts. I also offer to my customers, The Do It Yourself Debt Free plan... the member is totally in control and the bills are kept private! And this is a very good thing!

Again Thank You.

Rennie, Dittmer, Missouri

Dear Pamela;

Our names are Rev. Eddie and Maxine and these are our children. We are pleased to be a VIP Life-Time Angel in THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP since 1997.

THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP gave us our "Do It Yourself" monthly schedule, so we could keep track of our own monthly progress as we Pay Our Loans Off Faster. We also receive Monthly Residual GRANTS, deposited on my MasterCard.

I am proud to say that THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP, is a team of people working together for the common good of all people, helping to keep more money in our pockets. Please share your web-site with others, maybe they will find out how they can Pay All Their Loans Faster and have a Back-Up Money too.

May God continue to bless our customers and help them to be a wise stewards for God!
Rev. Eddie, Maxine and Family/St. Louis, Missouri
Rev.Eddie, Maxine and Family / Missouri
Great Grandmother Almajeane
Great Grandmother Almajeane
My Dearest Pamela;

Thank you very much for introducing me to THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP, as you know, I will soon be 82 years young and I am on a fixed income. The Cash Grants, are wonderful, especially for this great grandmother on Social Security, helping and being a Angel in the CO-OP is so easy. Referring new prospects to my web-site was perfect for me, there are NOT many successful opportunities around these days, that a stay-at-home physically challenged, great grandmother can do. The extra money from the Cash Grant Money, is a life-saver for it does not interfere with my Social Security or pension. I will continue to spread the word and refer new Angels every chance I get!

Thanks again,

Dittmer, Missouri
Sorry to say AlmaJean passed away. She will be missed by all of us.

Katherine VIP Angel since 1997
Dear Pamela;

We have been Angels since 1997 and wanted you to know what a Blessing your CO-OP has been for us. My husband and I were both very ill and we were in a financial hardship situation and didn't know where to turn. You didn't turn us away and implemented a plan for us to follow. Sometimes we couldn't follow our plan exactly, but because the program is so flexible getting back on track wasn't a problem. It won't be long and we will again be back on our feet. We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to many more years of great service from THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP.

May God Bless and Keep You Safe!

Katherine and Stanley

Doug, Londell, Mo. 2008
I am 84 years young looking for something fun to do, without being tied down. You will love the Tax Free money deposited on PayPal Card.

Fran, Cedar Hill, Mo 2010
I am a senior that has never been in sales before. All I do is send prospects to my web-site and Co-op does the presentation for me and I receive the money on my PayPal Card. I love this program. It also helps the church members bring in more money, for their families and for the church. Everyone wins!

Ginger, Cedar Hill, Mo
My daughter Miriah, wanted to Join the Co-op. I didn't think it would be very good for her...Boy did I get a surprise. I want to join too!

Miriah, Cedar Hill, Mo 2011
I was very excited to find something that could help me get Gas Money! I am 18 years old and needed a break.
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