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This is Opportunity finally opened to the public 2012. 

 You Have to see this for yourself to believe it.

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A CO-OP is a Private Civic Organization, where a group of people partner together,

To Make and Save Money and to Help each other Become Financially Independent.

Today, over 100 million American households are 

Members of private and public co-operatives.

We clasp hands and enjoy the strength of unity.


In the 1950s it was enough for a family to have one bread-winner. In the 1970s and 1980s, families needed two incomes to get ahead. Today, in this world of economic upheaval, even dual-income families can barely make ends meet. Corporate downsizing and restructuring make the future of every job uncertain---and how can you plan for the rest of your life when it's difficult to plan for next week?

But, for those lucky few who understand what is causing this tidal wave of economic change, a life of financial security and even prosperity is not only possible, but easy to achieve. And you won't only be helping yourself----friends and family will also prosper from your good fortune and freedom.

If you are finally and absolutely FED UP with your current lot in life...

Our educational "In A Nutshell Video" is not only important for now, but for Your Future Security.

Don't keep ignoring the Signs ! ! !


My name is Dr. Barker

E-mail address:
Telephone 314-414-3434
Call Me...I am as close as your telephone!

Founder of the Co-op!

Here's how it all began:

In the year 1990, my family and friends formed The G.O.O.D. Co-op.

We found The G.O.O.D. Co-op took the stress off our families.

Today, the cost of living keeps sky-rocketing, the average person is stuck in the Debt Trap Cycle.

Working extra now-a-days is not really doing us any good, it just makes us pay more taxes.

If we have any extra money it goes for gas, etc. Most Americans do not have "Back-Up Cash" (a nest egg), to rely on...

If this isnít enough, some credit card companies are now doubling our monthly payments which forces Americans into losing their homes and/or bankruptcy.

Itís not our fault. We work hard, we try to save, but we are locked in the debt trap cycle.

The average American is getting poorer each year!

Until the co-op was born we didnít think we could find any real workable solution for our dilemma.

At first we implemented the
wealthy mentor's financial formula, to help just our family and friends.

But, to our surprise ...

Outsiders started begging us to let them jump on the bandwagon. 

They liked the idea of becoming self-employed too...

So, we voted on allowing others to learn about our co-op.

We knew we needed something we could depend on in these uncertain times.  

Not the Boss...         Not the Government!

If there is a better way everyone wanted to know about it...

But, the Co-op went one step further, we needed and wanted to learn the Secrets of the Wealthy.

Finally...With a lot of research we talked to wealthy, self employed business owners and showed them our G.O.O.D. Co-op. 

These wealthy mentors decided the Co-op was a great idea and was happy to share their secrets with us.

Our Family and Friends were surprised to learn that none of this requires rocket science, but it is a big SECRET to almost everyone...

Except the wealthy.

These Wealthy Geniuses know how to be self-employed and receive Tax-Free Money. 

Now, we can too!

Once you learn these simple secrets, your finances are up and running.

This method is a legal tool the wealthy put in place. A law that the rest of us didnít know about Ö

This information was meant to confuse the average person, keeping us busy earning a living.

We found the way to take advantage of these secrets, TEAMING together is our secret key.



We will teach You the Secrets of the Wealthy that are easy to use with no previous skills, just education.

Learn the legal way to keep money coming in, for your family...

Day after Day,
Month after Month,
Year after Year,

Receive Your Share of the
"Tax-Free Grants for Life"

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