Woman on a Mission!

Founder of THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP (1990)
Hi... I'm Dr. Pamela;

Do you mind if I do a little bragging?

I am the proud mother of four children and the grandmother of 18 grandchildren and 5 great grand children!

I have been in sales and marketing for 35 years and I have been nationally recognized as the top sales person by several of these companies. My greatest professional achievement is becoming the Founder of THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP Civic Organization.

Here is how it all began...

In 1988, life hit me really hard, everything that I had to fall back on was gone! Twenty three years of marriage ended! I was left with little more than my clothes, an old car, a bunch of trophies to show for my marketing achievements and a high school diploma AND NO CASH.

I needed a new source of income, some BACK-UP MONEY and I desperately needed to improve my education. Was this wishful thinking?

NO!...With God anything is possible!

Life's circumstances may take everything away, things that we used to think were important, but it cannot take away our knowledge or experience.

So, I said to myself, this is what I have in abundance, knowledge and experience...


In my life experiences I discovered a fact...

I was NOT the ONLY ONE that had no Cash Back-Up Money.

Most of the Average Folks have little or NO BACK-UP MONEY to rely on in these uncertain times.


This gave birth to THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP!

This CO-OP would be different ! ! !

Building a CO-OP that only a few could benefit from didn't appeal to me.

With THE CO-OP we could build Cash Back-Up Money and Get out of the Debt Trap Cycle by Teaming together!

Pamela was tired of being a Creditors Clown!

After years of bill paying I was making very little progress...

Seeing most of my payments going to interest, I said to myself, "Now is the time to get off this Debt Merry-Go-Round! Quit being a clown for creditors, juggling loans and interest rates, getting nowhere."

"Enough is Enough!"

I also discovered that most of us ONLY need around two or three hundred extra dollars a month to enjoy a better quality of life. Everything I hated about marketing prompted my goals as follows:

1.  I Did not want to sell or stock inventory.

2.  I did not want to be the only one driving a company car, that my team worked hard to get for me. If my team cannot earn an automobile then I do NOT want one. So, I gave back my company car.

3.  I did not want my team to have to learn to give sales presentations or teach product knowledge.

4.  I did not want to be involved in an illegal pyramid scheme where only a few at the top could make money.

5.  I did not want my team to be buried in paperwork or bookkeeping.

6.  I did not want my team to pay big money on advertising.

7.  I did not want my team to participate in or be responsible for 3-way conference calls.

8.  I did not want my team be required to meet big quotas each month.

9.  I did not want a program that was based on receiving commissions.

10. I DO want my team to receive 100% of their money.


I wanted everyone to work smarter not harder!

All the work is now completed!

The Web-site is up and running!

THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP is a reality!

An equal opportunity for everyone!

How do I know?

Because I am a CO-OP Humanitarian Angel, building my own personal Team along with our members!

My Motto:

Never ask anyone to do anything you are not willing to do yourself!