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For your protection: We do not process money on our Co-Op website.
We accept PayPal or call us to make other arrangements.

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*I have read & I am in agreement with THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP/Terms and Condition Policies:

The Co-op's Angel Membership Grant Distribution:

Contribution to the Administration $99.00 Grant will help the Co-op Team PAY for Our Teams Administration, which includes, but not limited to Organizational Tracking, Bookkeeping, Sending and Receiving Grant/s, Generic Annual Web-Site, Designing, Programming, Hosting Fee's, Video Presentations and 800 Hot Line Number. 

I understand that donating administration fees will keep down the cost of overhead for all Members. This Donation will give us as members a group web-site discount/s.

$50.00 Grant is donated to You every time you Sponsor in the Try-It-First Level 1.

Thank you so much for your help!

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NOTICE: Annual & Monthly CASH Grants distribution Policy for ALL Co-op Members called Team Angels:

All Grant/s received from our Team Angels are immediately distributed as Free-Will Gifts Member to Member, donated to each Angel and / or the Co-op Administration on your behalf.

These gifts are deposited with your PayPal Account.  By Submitting this application you are in compliance and agree to THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP conditions.

THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP holds NO MONIES in trust, but distributes all contributions to the appropriate Member to Member Team Angel and/or administration's PayPal Account.

This assures good faith and trust that the financial transactions within the CO-OP will be processed; adherence to this policy is necessary so that your financial goals can be attained with complete confidence!

Your understanding, adherence and acceptance of... THE G.O.O.D. CO-OP/FRIENDS Helping Friends policy is most appreciated!

Thank You!

We do not process money on the web-site!